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PZ10TIR-TM Dual Sensor IR-EO 10x Optical Zoom Camera Gimbal w/Thermodetector

PZ10TIR-TM is a high professional dual sensor Gimbal IR + EO with onboard FullHD 10x Zoom Camera and High Resolution 30hz Thermal camera with special fearures of
Target Tracking
Telemetry Video Overlay
Digital Video stabilization
Video and Picture re
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PZ10TIR-TM is a professional 3-axis dual sensor stabilizer gimbal IR-EO with Onboard fill HD 10x Zoom camera and Hight Resolution 30hz thermal sensorThe Onboard Video Processor support advanced function like: Target tracking, picture in picture, Mixed IR+EO video, Geotag and Video Telemetry Overlay. 
The 10x Zoom FullHD 2.48MP Camera provides excellent video quality , the Radiometric Thermal camera allows detection and recognition of targets at night or low visibility situations.
PZ10TIR-TM features with built-in thermodetector inside the camera system,  three temperature parameters including highest, lowest, and centeral temperature of target can be displyed on video.

PZ10TIR-TM is a plug & play system compatible with most Multirotors UAV/UAS on the market.
This Dual Sensor IR-EO gimbal provides high Precision pointing accuracies in a small and lightweight package particularly can be applied in various fields like military reconnaissance, public security surveillians, traffic monitoring, fire fighting, wildlife spotting, disaster management and rescue etc.

Main Features:
1. 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with 32 bit control system, dual IMU
2. 10X optical zoom,32X digital zoom,1080P/60 HDMI video output 
3. High Resolution 640x480p Thermal Camera with 25mm lens
4. Supreme image quality with 1080P/30 H.264 video recorded for on-board TF card
5. Global shutter sensor for exceptional image clarity
6.  Auto object tracking function
7. Multi Vision Video Output: single image, picture in picture and mixed
8. Telemetry Video Overlay
9. Synchronized video and foto for Thermal and Daylight camera
10. GPS Geotag system embeded in picture Exif File (IR and Zoom camera)

11. Temperature of target display on video
12. Light weight 800g

Electronic properties:
Voltage: 3S-6S
IDDQ: 240mA@12V
IDDT: 320mA@12V
Operation temperature: - 20~+60 °C

Gimbal Specifications: 
Pitch:-45°to +90°
Roll: -70°to +70°
Yaw: -290°to +290° umlimited smooth rotation
Angular Vibration Range:
Pitch & Roll: ± 0.02°
Yaw: ±0.03°

Thermal Camera Features:

Full HD 10x Zoom Camera Features


Package Included:

1. PZ10TIR-TM Dual Sensor IR-EO camera gimbal *1 (Ready to Use)
2. GCU gimbal control unit *1
3. Vibration Damping Component *12
4. Copper cylinder *4
5. Screw Accessories set *1
6. Portable carrying case *1


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