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PZ30Q 30x Optical Zoom Camera Gimbal

PZ30Q is high-precision professional 3-axis optical zoom gimbal with high accuracy encoder FOC solution, mount 30x optical zoom and 1080P Full HD camera, providing a detailed long distance zoom aerial shoot, PZ30Q is designed for public security surveilli
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  • Description

PZ30Q is a high-precision professional 3-axis gimbal with a 30X 1080P Optical Zoom Camera which features high stability,small size,  light weight and low power comsuption. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, adopts high-precision encoder in each motor. 
The speed of PZ30Q gimbal is adjustable, LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range,  the control will be more accurate; Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. Also the one-key to center function will allow the gimbal returning to initial position automatically and rapidly.
The 30X Optical Zoom Camera has 4 mega effective pixels, supports 30X optical autofocus. The zooming function makes it possible to see objects in detail over distance. The PZ30Q offers 1080p FULL HD 30fps video recording onboard and 1080p HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground. PZ30Q support both PWM control and serial command control, suitable for close range remote control or remote data command control. 
PZ30Q can be applied in various fields like military reconnaissance, public security surveillians, traffic monitoring, fire fighting, wildlife spotting, disaster management and rescue etc.

System Specifications:
Light: 848g weight
Small: 144(L) x 151(W) x 158(H)mm
Power saving: 330mA@12V
Unparalleled stabilization: ±0.02°

Electronic properties:

Voltage 3s (11.1v) IDDQ 330mA@12V
IDDT 450mA @12V Temp -20~+80 °C
Dimensions 144(L)x151(W)x158(H)mm Weight 848g

Gimbal Specifications: 
Pitch: -90°to +90°
Roll: -85°to +85°
Yaw: -150°to +150°smooth rotation
Angular Vibration Range:
Pitch & Roll: 0.02°
Yaw: 0.03°

Camera Spec:
f=4.5-135mm, Aperture size 16.0
30x optical zoom, 5000000 full HD lens
1/3 inch image sensor OV Sensor with 4000000 Pixel
Video Resolution: 1920*1080P@60FPS, Video Format MJPG
Support 64G SD Card video & photo storage
Micro HDMI output 1080P@60FPS

Wide Dynamic range up to 105dB
Super Lolux: Color 0.05lux@F1.6, in low light enviroment can capture clear image features and videos.

Automatic white balance, Automatic Gain, Automatic color correction

Support PWM and serial port command control


1, Adjustable speed and mode: When zoomed in, with low speed and lock head mode,the control is more accurate; when zoomed out, with high speed and follow mode, the control is more sensitive and quick.
2, Onekey reset: The camera can auto return to its original position quickly with one click.
3, Support PWM and serial port command control,suitable for close range controller or remote digital gimbal control.  


1, 30x optical zoom, 1080P video steaming.
2, Ultrafast auto focus, which speed is less than 1s, specially designed for drones.

3, Various interfaces, video output, HDMI HD video output,SD card storage for photovideo, PWM control of camera zoom auto focusmanual focusphotographrecording, support serial port control of the camera`s functions,IR controller call camera menu and set the parameters.

Control Box Manual:

1, Camera Control Cables

ZOOM:  Camera zoom control cable, connect to receiver three-way switch channel or stick.
FOCUS: Manual focus control cable,  connect to receiver stick or three-way switch channel.
 Switch photo/video mode,  connect to three-way switch channel. 
      Switch from middle to high: Photo or video mode switch
          Switch from middle to low:
          ① Video mode: Start recording.
          ② Photo mode: Take photos.

REC: Back-up Channel
AV: Anlog signal output

2, Gimbal PWM control wire manual:
YAW: Connect to receiver stick or three-way switch channel.
PITCH: Connect to receiver stick or three-way switch channel.
MODE: Connect to receiver rotary knob or non-auto reset THR channel or three-way switch channel, specifics as below:
          Switch to low: Gimbal low speed, lock head( When the drone turns, gimbal follows, only controlled by controller);
          Switch to middle: Gimbal high speed, follow( Gimbal follows the drone`s direction, and controlled by ground controller);
          Switch to high: Gimbal high speed, follow( Gimbal return to its original position, and follows the drone`s direction).