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PZ10F 10x Optical Zoom Camera Gimbal

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PZ10F is a high-precision professional 3-axis gimbal with a 10x 1080P Optical Zoom Camera which features high stability,small size,  light weight and low power comsuption. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, adopts high-precision encoder in each motor. 
The speed of PZ10F gimbal is adjustable, LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range,  the control will be more accurate; Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. Also the one-key to center function will allow the gimbal returning to initial position automatically and rapidly.
The 10x Optical Zoom Camera has 4 mega effective pixels, supports 10x optical autofocus. The zooming function makes it possible to see objects in detail over distance. The PZ10F offers 1080p FULL HD 30fps video recording onboard and 1080p HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground. PZ10F support both PWM control and serial command control, suitable for close range remote control or remote data command control. 
PZ10F can be applied in various fields like military reconnaissance, public security surveillians, traffic monitoring, fire fighting, wildlife spotting, disaster management and rescue etc.

Main Features:
1、On board 1/3 inch, 4Mega pixels CMOS SENSOR.
2、Output resolution  1920*1080P/60 fps.
3、10x optical zoom lens, 5Mega pixels HD lens made in Japanese.
4、Zoom focal length f=4.9~49mm, aperture diameter φ12.
5、Supports wide dynamic state with dynamic range up to 105dB.
6、Miroc-HDMI HD 1080p60 output, 1080P30 video stream in local TF card storage. 
7、Real time fast focus function, the focus time <1s. 
8、Support flip vertically, horizontal mirror, stationary picture, automatic white balance, automatic gain, automatic color correction, support OSD menu.
9、Wide temperature range, temperature range from -10℃~55℃ .
10、Support PWM and serial control.

11、Light weight : 400g

Gimbal Specifications:
Power supply: 3S-4S
Input Voltage: 12V
IDDQ: 240mA@12V ; IDDT: 320mA@12V
Pitch angle range of action:-90°~+90°
Roll angle range of action:-45°~+45°
Yaw angle range of action:-150°~+150°
Angle jitter:pitch and roll direction±0.02° ,horizontal direction ±0.03°

Camera Specifitions
PZ10F has 4Mega valid pixels, supports 10x optical autofocus, possess HD 1080P video.There are two video streams in the camera, One is 1080P 30FPS, local H.264 compression, stored in the device TF card, Another video output 1080p60FPS HDMI HD signal for the wireless transmission, According to the characteristics of UAV photography application, we design fast auto-focus speed , small size, and support PWM and TTL serial control.

Zoom Range:
Zoom focal length f=4.9~49mm, zoom ranges up to 10x, exhibiting image detail Perfectly.
The speed of focusing:
Design for UAV aerial photography , according to aerial characteristics, using fast focus algorithm, focus time <1s.
Wide dynamic:
Adopt 105d B wide dynamic range, in the presence of backlit or strong light, The view of the over bright and over dark regions can still be captured at the same time.
Ultra low illumination:
Ultra low illumination: color 0.05lux@F1.6, The device can still clearly display image features in Ultra low illumination or poor light environment.
Output interface:
Using HDMI high-definition output, support HDMI1.3 standard. The hardware interface uses a standard HDMI signal output socket,
Multiple control modes:
Support PWM control and serial command control.

Gimbal Specifications:
Pitch angle range of action:-90°~+90°
Roll angle range of action:-45°~+45°
Yaw angle range of action:-150°~+150°
Angle jitter:pitch and roll direction±0.02° ,horizontal direction ±0.03°

Object Tracking Function (Optional):

1、Function description 
Build-in normalization ,cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable track of the target.
Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross cursor,trace information display. 
2、Tracking performance
1)Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
2)Output delay of deviation pixel <15ms
3)Minimum target contrast 5%
4)the minimal signal-to-noise ratio ( SNR) 4
5)Minimum target size 16*16 pixel
6)Maximum target size 160*160 pixel
7)Tracking speed 32 pixel/frame
8)The mean square root values of pulse noise in the target position<0.5 pixel


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